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Traveling to: Sin City

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Take a trip with me as I travel from South Florida to Las Vegas for the first time! There will be babes, booze, and a BACHELORETTE!

Club shot by Angie Santiago

Day One:


Claire Kimsey, Heather Norman, and Sara Burgos pictured

TGIF! Friday was a whirlwind of reunions, a ton of penis confetti, and gorgeously half-naked men dancing around me. Sounds like a dream right?! Well that's because it was Heather Norman's Bachelorette Weekend in LAS VEGAS!!! Sounds cliche but we definitely went that route and it was one wild time.

One thing I recommend for sure is to end the night of Magic Mike Live is to eat at the Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. They have amazing food and drinks and the place is very millennial chic!

We only got a little bit intoxicated but we all looked so fabulous thanks to an amazing selection of clothes from Dolls Kill and Hottie World.

The night ended in a blur but it wouldn't have been a successful Friday night if we still remembered what happened the next day, right?!

Day Two:


Claire Kimsey at GVR Resort

CABANA OOH NA NA! A much needed recovery day was held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson, NV where we were pampered to a tee with a cute private cabana, tropical drinks, and a pool sectioned off so we could soak up the sun and re-energize ourselves.

One thing to remember when spending the day outside is to STAY HYDRATED! Especially after a night out drinking. Make sure you stay cool with water, shade, and lots of SPF.

To end the night, a VIP table at 1OAK made it hard to stop the party because TYGA was performing and what an insane experience that was.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

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